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Living with a rare disease can be debilitating, traumatic and downright unpredictable.  It’s estimated that about 300,000 Americans have Scleroderma.  Since Scleroderma presents with symptoms similar to other autoimmune diseases, diagnosis is difficult.
This is the story of Lucy Wong who rises to the challenge using art therapy ..

Lucy Wong – Using Art Therapy for  Scleroderama 

Kristine Nichole and her friend decided they could do a better job of a modelling catwalk , dressing models to represent the detail or essence of the art work provided by an eclectic talented local Phoenix artists doing their thing at The Watershed Restaurant, Tempe AZ.

The following stories appeared monthly on a Mohave County TV channel TV 25, in Lake Havasu, TV 27 in Bullhead and TV 36 in other areas on TopDog Media show WalkAboutTV

This the first time a huge balloon festival was produced in Lake Havasu AZ. It attracted 23,000 visitors from all over the western US along with 60 balloon pilots from across America.Havasu Balloon Festival

Throughout the years, Havasu 95 Speedway represented a meager attempt at hosting quarter mile circular racing with little attendance except for the native habitat. Along came Bill Rozhon and Dennis Rudin and transformed the venue to one of the most coverted and highly attended tracks in the region.
Havasu 95 Speedway – The Story

In May 1985, Dr. Gordy Klatt walked and ran for 24 hours around a track in Tacoma, Washington, ultimately raising $27,000 to help the American Cancer Society fight the nation’s biggest health concern – cancer. A year later, 340 supporters joined the overnight event. Since those first steps, the Relay For Life movement has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, raising nearly $5 billion to fight cancer.Relay For Life

Chris is a Canine Police Officer who decides there’s got to be more fun in life that chasing bad guys. From all accounts, he feels these people at the track  are having way to much fun at Havasu 95 Speedway so joins his like minded friends in acquiring an old taxi, tearing it apart to transform it into a mean lean Stock Racing machine. He has no experience at racing but I think the story takes us through his trials and tribulations.The Chris Blackwell Story

Gina called me and suggested we take a ride down the nostalgic Arizona section of the legendary Route 66 which entails passing through Oatman, Seligman and  Kingman. This route is steeped in history with passing of many movie stars through the town along with families migrating from the Dust Bowl in the East. One of the foremost characters of the town is Angel Delgadillo – The Seligman Barber.  Angel has become the unofficial spokesperson and “Guardian Angel” for Route 66. He is passionate about preserving and promoting Route 66, its stories, and its memories so that it will no longer be forgotten.Route 66 – Mother Road

Arguably the fastest motor sport in the world, the Reno Air Races is truly a bucket list event . Highly modified WW11 fighters screaming around an 8 mile pylon circuit at speeds in excess of 500 mph 100 ft off the ground is a adrenaline junkies dream.  I took the camera to one event and as a spectator, brought home some highlights of the day. Reno Air Races.

Living in Western Arizona there’s a period in late summer when the so called “dry heat” turns into the most “wet heat” you can get. A bright sunny humid day can turn really ugly (or exciting ) as the storm clouds build and everything turns dark and ominous.. Then! All hell breaks loose.. Amazing spectacle..!Arizona Monsoons

A very inspiring documentary of the Pi Kappa Phi  stop in Lake Havasu, AZ. Journey of Hope is a cross-country bicycle trek beginning in San Francisco (North), Los Angeles (South) and Seattle (TransAmerica) and ending together with all teams in Washington, D.C. (view route map here). The event raises funds and awareness for people with disabilities. Simply put, the Journey of Hope is a ride with a purpose. Make no mistake; this is not a simple ride. Journey of Hope is about many things. It is about challenging the norm. It is about serving our communities. It is about finding out more about ourselves than we ever imagined. It is about having a dream. It is about a mission about hope. Journey of Hope – Day 15

When it comes to action events, I’ll be there! Lake Havasu has long been the venue for WORCS since 2001. The national ATV race has all manufacturers of Off Road vehicles  present. For 2 high-speed, mud-slinging weeks in March, Crazy Horse Campgrounds is host to over 11,000 professional and amateur racers. Racers come from backgrounds in enduro, hare and hound, hare scramble, gncc, best in the desert, and motocross. Crazy stuff but fun to see. ATV World Series Off Road Championships

What started off in Dub Campbell’s back yard years ago has grown to one of the largest outdoor rodeo experience for kids .. and parents! Whether you’re serious about rodeo or just want to horse around, this 2 day fun-filled event has something for everyone! Local mutton busters and calf riders test their skills, along with hundreds of Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo Association cowboys and cowgirls from around the southwest!Delbert Days – Lake Havasu

Jim McElhaney, along with others coupled together a group of prominent golf clubs in western Arizona to see who could drop a ball in one shot for a $1,000,000 or cars.. From what we saw there was some serious heavy hitters, some lightweights and for the most part a hell of a lot of fun. Did anyone do it? Not that I saw but a few came breathlessly close..!Jim’s Hole In One Shootout