Are you an aviation enthusiast?  Then this is for you…]

BACKGROUND AUDIO – Rolls Royce Merlin –  Daimler Benz 605

If you happened to be an aviation aficionado, then you may get some joy out of this.

Graupner Bell 212
Graupner Bell 212 – Circa early 80’s

The day I was born, I was designing model planes, building them and terrify the neighbors  and at the age of 13 designed my first helicopter. This project was summarily halted by my father seeing I was dead set on making it a reality and he didn’t want the funeral expenses.  

Being a private pilot has expanded my life long passion for aviation. These images may invoke some nostalgia but to me they’re priceless. Enjoy!!

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… and other historic aviation images from airshows and other sources.

Plus R/C Special…

P-51 Galloping Ghost at Oberhausen 2013