EV’s & Solar Energy

Being a passionate advocate of New Energy, it’s only fitting that I have equal passion and association with Electric vehicles (EV’s) and Solar Power.. This material is shot spontaneously  with a trusty iphone..

During the late 90’s GM actually produced a brilliant piece of work .. the EV1. It was a dynamic performing car with heaps of innovation to virtually all sections of the cars build. It was never “for sale” and only leased to “viable” clients for whatever reason. Enthusiasts like myself reveled in the concept that we could be on the cutting edge of dumping internal combustion gas engines!! However, through reason best know to themselves, GM forcefully recalled all vehicles, trucked them to Arizona and crushed them..!! EV compatriots were totally stunned. Why? Chris Paine and others produced a widely revered movie citing this issue referring to “Who Killed the Electric Car.”.

To express their frustration and raise public awareness, EV1 owners organized the funeral at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on July 24. Twenty-four EV1s with funeral placards followed a hearse, a battery-powered Segway scooter and a bagpipe player through the gates of the cemetery where various speakers and guest celebrities addressed the crowd.

Participants included local resident Ed Begley Jr. (“Six Feet Under”), Peter Horton (“thirtysomething”), Hart Bochner (“Die Hard”), Alexandra Paul (Baywatch) and representatives from other organizations including the Earth Communications Office, Coalition for Clean Air, Sierra Club and some designers of the original EV1 car.

“California politicians and automakers get the credit for creating these magnificent cars,” filmmaker Chris Paine said. “But they also get the blame for killing them when they are needed most.”