Making a good concept great

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Words of wisdom but worth repeating.  Make an impact with all the senses.


(Or using the Toastmasters International principle – build a powerful opening, a strong “body” and a memorable close)

Production Program
Production Script

And.. It doesn’t need to cost big bucks.  It’s really about being creative, thinking outside the box. There are many ways to get there. What to do? Big grandiose concepts that look impressive or a concept that can be pulled off with a fraction of the cost and be a head turner. Interesting piece of reality, most larger fortune companies choose high profile production companies but get the most memorable results from small boutique outfits.

This is my specialty .
Produce impressive results by thinking smarter, outside the box with a big budget look, but a fraction of  big overhead, big budget production price tag.

Pre Production meeting

Where it all begins.

 By simply speaking with you, we learn what’s the purpose of the video, who’s your audience, what is your vision? How do you plan to distribute the video? Where will the video be recorded? Is there a budget?

Understanding your goals is critical.

Brainstorming is a key element of pre-production, and is a highly creative, interactive process. Clients truly enjoy participating.

A fully-formed script and production plan is developed that embraces your vision and budget.

Green Screen Studio

When you can’t be in Sydney to be on camera, we’ll bring Sydney to you. Green Screen shoots done well, will bring depth, interest and variety to the presentation whether its in entertainment or industrial settings. If its a large group of people or a small compressor fitting, we’ve got you covered.