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Ullery for Mayor

Dr Bill Ullery  a notable figure in Lake Havasu – Arizona, is well suited to be a strong contender to unseat the incumbent who’s been Mayor of the town for greater than 8 years.  There’s been widespread corruption, cronyism and backroom deals plaguing the current establishment.

Dr Ullery’s background in routing out this behaviour is legendary so from this perspective alone , made sense to contest the position..

Our marketing plan – 4 weeks before Voting day.

  • “While our opposition is throwing more trash on us than a dump truck on steroids, we firmly believe in the basic premise that change in Government is by Incumbents LOSING  elections not contenders winning!!
  • So it’s our feeling we need to stay the course with a barrage of “TRUTH” Ads, coupled to Bill Ullery “INTEGRITY” ads.
  • TRUTH ads are NOT NEGATIVE in the sense that we are not demeaning anyone..! Just telling it the way it is..!”

 Final Week Strategy.

“We have been unbelievably censured by the local media who openly back incumbents and frankly, we’re amazed we can even say “its a nice day vote for me!!”
However, We have ramped up the frequency of BU ‘branding’ with multiple placed block ads and  the final blast,  a 1/3 page for Sunday  selling.. “10 Reasons” to vote for Bill.
Meanwhile, we’ll crank out one last PAC ad … a last attempt to pander to the people who simply want change..!  It’ll be a simple ad with the crown King Nexsen..” He Wants 12 Years”.. Enough is Enough!! Riding on the opposition PAC theme “EnoughIsEnoughLHC.com” canvassed throughout their whole campaign.]

IMG_7922We’ll also create a Vote slip for handouts at polling booths.. On Tuesday 26 ….



Focus Presentation.
Quality Inn “Meet n Greet”

 Demographics of Media

Portfolio analysis by FaceBook page administrator,

Robbin WohlRobbin R. Wohl, Investigative Reporter – Summation

“Adding these numbers it is easy to see that you played a significant and artful role in this campaign and you definitely reached minds in the community through the visual arts. You gave us a great deal of material to work with and manipulate. If the playing field had been level and fair (dreaming) who could begin to calculate the loss in potential outreach. These numbers are straight Facebook info on a webpage created by a mere beginner with no links and no network brought to the fray.”