front Page header copy Do More With Less. Where have I heard this?  This IS what defines us.


Creating powerful and engaging content doesn’t need to cost major money. It’s really about thinking outside the box, being creative with resources and designing a flow of images that is symbolic of what you’re trying to say. The viewers mind and perception will do the rest.

Mr TopDog

Background In Marketing Communications

Career spans some 15 years as Sales and Marketing Communications Manager for Tektronix and HP in Australia and Oceania region. Trainer – Software , customer service and personal development.

Prior to that, electronic systems automation control design and troubleshooting.  A broad knowledge of  hydraulics and engineering, I know, Its a lot!

Award winning TV ads,  community storytelling and Stand Up speaker.

Our Team:

  • Broadcast Quality Camera operators
  • Editor – Post
  •  Set builder
  • Script editor
  • Lighting
  • Aviators – Pilots and aircraft
  • FAA licensed UAV/Drone Pilots and Filming Aircraft.

Our Mantra:

  • To create a memorable visual piece is not about money, but using great innovative ideas and creative use of resources.
  • To be successful at this requires a reasonably comprehensive understanding of human behaviour.
  • Going the extra mile so the finished piece is up to our standards which some say is way beyond expectations.
  • Being conservative, but pushing the window of novelty, and visual experience.